The Ultimate Guide To Free Computer Encryption Software

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Insert a logo and it takes even longer"p4ssworD!" Would take about 275 days. An even stronger password could be a sentence that's a combination of letters, numbers, symbols and capitalization. Something simple to remember but hard to imagine, like"mYd0g!sMyp4ssw0rD," would require a PC about 3 quintillion years to figure out.Encryption Software: Things We Tested, What We FoundMost of this encryption software for Windows we tested allows you to combine your encrypted files in one secure location, while it's a locker, library or vault.

The document encryption software you choose should work quickly, be easy to use and maintain your information safe.PerformanceWe tested all the encryption methods thoroughly using 63 files which totaled 128MB to determine which program has been the greatest overall. Those that converted the files quickly received more charge in the final scores than many others.



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Although encrypting such a little batch of files only took seconds in most situations, some programs took minutes to finish the task. When you're locking up only a couple megabytes' worth of information, it's not a huge deal, but if you are encrypting gigabytes of data, you might be looking at hours of waiting.We also clocked the speed of decryption and found that many programs can supply you with access to your own documents fairly quickly.



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The programs we include in our lineup are complete simple and intuitive, particularly Folder Lock and Secure IT. They both guide you through procedures step by step. Safe IT provides you access to encryption by integrating with the Windows operating platform, so all you have to do is right-click on a document and choose to encrypt it in the menu.In almost every test, we found that these file encryption applications compress files as they encrypt them.



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Those that compressed files the most received more charge in scoring.SecurityEncryption applications employs different types of ciphers to scramble your information, and each has its own benefits. Advanced Encryption Standard, or 256-bit key AES, is a sort of the Rijndael click for more cipher and can be used by the U.S. government, including the National Security Agency, so it is considered one of the strongest encryption ciphers accessible.

Although any of these ciphers could be broken given enough time and computing power, they're considered almost unbreakable. AES has long been recognized as the superior algorithm, so we gave more credit to the apps that use AES.Many data applications include an option to shred your documents when you are ready to infect info.

To"shred" files, a program overwrites the data with random bits of data. Data recovery is a lengthy process, so unless you are in the business of trade secrets or espionage, your own hard drives are probably safe from info recovery.Your documents and information are only as safe and protected as your master password.

The longer and more random your password is, the tougher it is to break. A password strength meter included in this program is useful. Many applications require a master password to utilize the application, and then a separate password for each vault or collection of documents. Password generators can also be useful when you don't want to have to think of strong passwords yourself.We sent encrypted files through email and provided a password into the tester to unlock the files.



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You use your mouse, which prevents potential keyloggers out of recording your password as you type it. Your Windows operating system includes a virtual keyboard, so you already have access to the safety feature, but apps like Folder Lock and Advanced Encryption Package Pro make it easy to access. Stealth mode provides even more privacy anyone else that logs on to your computer or hacks in won't even notice that you utilized encryption software.After encrypting documents, a few software allowed us to back up the secure data click now and connect to upload to a server, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, which is called redundant security.

In fact, you can upload any of your encrypted files to a cloud area and your documents remain safe.Top Ten Reviews seeks, whenever possible, to assess all products and solutions in hands-on tests that simulate as closely as possible the experiences of a typical consumer. We obtained the software find here in our comparison on loan from the companies and through retail purchase.

Outcomes of our evaluations were not provided to the companies in advance of publication.What Else Is Important in Choosing Encryption SoftwareWhile security is the utmost element in picking the ideal encryption software for you, it is obviously important that you opt for a program that works for your own system. Furthermore, if you run into problems with your software, you may need to contact customer service or have access to online manuals and tutorials.Version CompatibilityIf you are running an older version of Windows, such as Vista or XP, then you certainly want to make sure the app still supports your operating system.

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